Smart cities on the high seas

How cruise ships use IoT and AI

Cruise shipping company Carnival wants to turn its ships into “Smart Cities at Sea” using the Internet of Things (IoT), connected devices and AI. For example, the Customer Experience department introduced a kind of amulet for each guest – a wearable IoT device that interacts with 7,000 sensors installed in each ship. The so-called “Ocean Medallion” has many use cases and supports guests in a lot of different scenarios like:

Remote and paper-free check-in

Open your cabin and specify personal preferences like temperature or ambient lighting

The amulet stores information such as details of food preferences and allergies

It helps to locate your children or navigates yourself throughout the ship

It works as order and payment solution

The head of the customer experience division, John Padgett aims for an “end-to-end guest experience being holistically delivered in a personalized and simplified way.”

Written by Tobias Beau

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